Last Vestiges Of Fall Color

That is at the upper elevations of Southern Utah. Autumn colors are due to migrate to the lower elevations soon, especially in and around Zion National Park. I’m not sure why some trees lose the leaves sooner than others as they are right next to each other.






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  1. I read that aspens sometimes come from the same parent which propagated itself by underground roots. If so, it would make side by side trees losing their leaves at different times even more puzzling.


  2. Nice images! The colors in Colorado at higher elevation are now past peak as well. Time to enjoy the cottonwoods in the valley. Looking forward to your future posts.

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  3. The first picture puts me in mind of lit matches. Your Utah is one fine muse!


  4. Wow, looks like autumn was quick this year there! Here in Switzerland it feels like it’s now beginning after a looong Indian summer!


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