First Signs Of Winter?

In the upper elevations of Southern Utah, winter has made an early entrance. Luckily, I live in the lower elevations. But I received a slap in the face when I drove to the upper elevations on Thursday (Elevation-8 to 9,000 feet). The leaves have disappeared from the aspens and snow was abundant. Still a good photo op.

Fresh snow has fallen in an Aspen Tree Forest In The Southern Utah High Country.






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  1. Fall is over! (at least in the mountains)

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  2. Ugh, what a sudden change happening so quickly from beautiful fall birtch trees, now being surrounded by snow.


  3. Lovely photos. I’m on the opposite end of Utah and hoping for cooler temps and moisture to come soon!

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  4. these landscapes are sumptuous, the photographs magnificent.
    Here in France in Paris we are in autumn but have had summer temperatures until just a few days ago. These days we are just starting to get temperatures that are close to the ones we should have.
    Climate change is at stake

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  5. Your pictures never disappoint 🙂 Beautiful shots, looks like winter is on the way!


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