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Fall Colors Persist

In Southern Utah, cottonwood trees continue to display their brilliant colors.


Fall colors have arrived in Southern Utah near Zion National Park, Utah







Surreal Autumn Images

These are photographs taken this past week at Zion National Park, Utah. Utilizing in-camera techniques by moving the camera slightly during a slow exposure, you get a distorted image, but not quite a Monet.







Some More Fall Colors

The colors are disappearing fast at Zion National Park.  Lack of rain here(rained once in last 2 months) has muted the colors.

Fall colors have arrived at Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah














Autumn Tranquility

Scene and sound along Zion National Park’s Virgin River this past week. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen

Up On Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace is a high-elevation area in and around Zion National Park. Unfortunately, I got up there a bit late for peak fall colors but this wilderness spot is special nonetheless.








Fall Colors In Zion Canyon

The fall colors invaded the main part of Zion National Park, at the 4,200 foot level.
















More Color From Zion’s Eastside

A professional landscaper couldn’t put this together. Nature at work at Zion National Park. Fall colors in the main Zion Canyon should be popping in the next week or two!












An Explosion Of Color

At Zion National Park!     I’ve lived here for 8 years and have never seen the fall colors as vibrant on Zion’s Eastside as I have this year. More to come.











Aspen Trees Autumn-Post Peak

Even leaveless Aspen Trees have their appeal. At the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.












Aspen Tree Autumn Colors-Peak Color

Aspen trees were at full color at Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim last week.  Paradoxically, nearby aspens were past peak. Those images to follow soon.


Fall colors have arrived in the Aspen Tree forests at The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona