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Buttes, Plateaus and Mesas- What’s the Difference?

The images below shot last week along the Arizona/Utah border show buttes, plateaus and mesas, geologic land forms that permeate America’s Desert Southwest. In general terms, buttes are smaller than mesas and mesas are smaller than plateaus. Buttes were probably once mesas but shrunk in size due to erosion. Plateaus are bigger than both mesas and buttes. But specific sizes of each land form are not normally defined.


Mesas, Buttes and Plateaus make up the landscape near Fredonia, Arizona




Storm clouds hover over Gooseberry Mesa in Southern Utah. The smaller hills at the base can be categorized as buttes.





Desert Flora at Sunset

While mountain biking this week near Gooseberry Mesa in Southern Utah, I captured some pics over a few evenings of the changing colors of the flora and the sunsets.





Zion Canyon Night Sky

Not only is the Milky Way apparent in the sky, but so are the Sacred Datura Flowers that bloom through the night. Shot on different nights in Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah




More Milky Way Shots

From Zion National Park area


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over The Watchman at Zion National Park, Utah


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over Eagle Crags adjacent to Zion National Park, Utah

….. To The Sublime

More natural looking scenes at Zion’s Kolob Terrace.








From The Ridiculous To The …….

Zion National Parks’s Kolob Terrace area has some peculiar sandstone rock formations.  The next post will show the sublime………

Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace


Zion Kolob Terrace

Zion Ephemeral Waterfall

Heavy rains yesterday produced this waterfall at Zion National park, Utah


An ephemeral waterfall appears at Zion National Park during a summer rainstorm.

Captured! First Rainbow of The Season

Conditions were ripe tonight for a summer rainbow as a passing storm with a setting sun produced some magic! A faint second rainbow is visible.



Thunderstorms strike Gooseberry Mesa Area

Monsoonal thunderstorms visited the Gooseberry Mesa area near Zion National Park, Utah. The play with sunlight and landscape produced some dramatic scenes.  These images and more are available for purchase as prints or downloadable files at  Latest Images at Dawn 2 Dawn Photography






Summer Has Arrived At Zion

Temperatures over 100 degrees and monsoonal moisture have arrived at Zion National Park, Utah.




Threatening clouds pass over Cave Valley at Zion National Park, Utah

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