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Highlights and Shadows

Sunlight penetrates clouds from a passing thunderstorm, producing sunbeams along Marble Canyon in Northern Arizona.


Desert Flora at Sunset

While mountain biking this week near Gooseberry Mesa in Southern Utah, I captured some pics over a few evenings of the changing colors of the flora and the sunsets.





….. To The Sublime

More natural looking scenes at Zion’s Kolob Terrace.








Marble Canyon Sunset

The setting sun shines some light on the narrow opening of Marble Canyon in Northern Arizona. These images and more are available for purchase as downloadable files or prints at Dawn2Dawn Photography





A few remnants from last week’s Grand Canyon trip


Cathedral Valley At Sunset

Light from the setting sun is cast upon the pinnacles and spires at Cathedral Valley at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah








Preview Of Last Week’s Trip To the Aptly Named Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley is in a remote section of the remote Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. You have to drive about 25 miles on a rough and rocky road from the central area of the park to get there. I hope they never build a paved road to Cathedral Valley because those who travel on the road are truly rewarded for their effort. Here’s a glimpse of the valley nearing sunset. Many more images to follow soon.

The only things missing from this cathedral-like setting are the Gargoyles!

Wide angle shot using 2 images.


Super wide angle stitching 3 images in Photoshop.


Zion Sunset

Rays from a setting sun accentuate the many ridge lines at Zion National Park, Utah


Glen Canyon Moonrise/Sunset

Glen Canyon is that canyon that pretty much disappeared once construction started on the Glen Canyon Dam in 1956. It was finished in 1966. But the Colorado River was backed up into the canyon which later formed Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. There still is a canyon but not nearly as deep as it was.  The two images here were shot within 5 minutes of each other. More images from the area to follow.


Some More Zion Pics!


The sandstone pinnacles and sheer walls of Eagle Crags are ubiquitous on the drive just before entering Zion National Park, Utah. This panorama is actually 3 shots stitched together in Photoshop.

Kind of looks like Mordor from Lord Of The Rings

Classic Sedimentary rocks at Zion National Park, Utah

The light from the setting sun provides a silhouette of a canyon wall at Zion National Park, Utah