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Up On Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace is a high-elevation area in and around Zion National Park. Unfortunately, I got up there a bit late for peak fall colors but this wilderness spot is special nonetheless.









The Lone Juniper

This Juniper Tree always get my attention when at the Big Bend area of Zion National Park.



Fall Colors In Zion Canyon

The fall colors invaded the main part of Zion National Park, at the 4,200 foot level.
















More Color From Zion’s Eastside

A professional landscaper couldn’t put this together. Nature at work at Zion National Park. Fall colors in the main Zion Canyon should be popping in the next week or two!












Zion Canyon Night Sky

Not only is the Milky Way apparent in the sky, but so are the Sacred Datura Flowers that bloom through the night. Shot on different nights in Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah




….. To The Sublime

More natural looking scenes at Zion’s Kolob Terrace.








Zion Ephemeral Waterfall

Heavy rains yesterday produced this waterfall at Zion National park, Utah


An ephemeral waterfall appears at Zion National Park during a summer rainstorm.

Summer Has Arrived At Zion

Temperatures over 100 degrees and monsoonal moisture have arrived at Zion National Park, Utah.




Threatening clouds pass over Cave Valley at Zion National Park, Utah

Post Rainstorm at Zion

From Wednesday.

Fog rolls into Zion Canyon after a rainstorm at Zion National Park, Utah

Zion Sunrise

Sunlight from a rising sun appears on the Towers Of The Virgin at Zion National Park this week.