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….. To The Sublime

More natural looking scenes at Zion’s Kolob Terrace.









Thunderstorms strike Gooseberry Mesa Area

Monsoonal thunderstorms visited the Gooseberry Mesa area near Zion National Park, Utah. The play with sunlight and landscape produced some dramatic scenes.  These images and more are available for purchase as prints or downloadable files at  Latest Images at Dawn 2 Dawn Photography






Some More Pics From Capitol Reef National Park


Cathedral Valley


Like A Rainbow




Temples Of The Moon and The Sun



Dark clouds pass over the Henry Mountains near Capitol Reef National Park, Utah



Highway 24 weaves its way through the heart of Capitol Reef National Park.


Nice sunset, nice fire and a nice 12 pack of Corona Beer.




Dixie National Forest adjacent to Capitol Reef National Park, Utah



Cathedral Valley In Monochrome

Storm clouds appear over Cathedral Valley at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah







Utah’s Colorful Caineville Mesa









The colorful and unusual sandstone rock formations and clay beds along Caineville Mesa in Southern Utah

Post Rainstorm at Zion

From Wednesday.

Fog rolls into Zion Canyon after a rainstorm at Zion National Park, Utah

Zion Sunrise

Sunlight from a rising sun appears on the Towers Of The Virgin at Zion National Park this week.



Dali Like Sky

Salvador Dali made an appearance at Zion National Park today and created some unusual brush strokes against the magnificent azure sky!



Zion Sunset

Rays from a setting sun accentuate the many ridge lines at Zion National Park, Utah


Some More Zion Pics!


The sandstone pinnacles and sheer walls of Eagle Crags are ubiquitous on the drive just before entering Zion National Park, Utah. This panorama is actually 3 shots stitched together in Photoshop.

Kind of looks like Mordor from Lord Of The Rings

Classic Sedimentary rocks at Zion National Park, Utah

The light from the setting sun provides a silhouette of a canyon wall at Zion National Park, Utah