The Under Rated and Under Appreciated Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks National Monument in Southern Utah doesn’t get the pub and hype that nearby Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks gets. But it has unique charm and the annual Wildflower Festival every July (Wildflower Post Coming Soon).

Erosion over millions of years has created the sandstone anomalies at Cedar Breaks National, Utah







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  1. Do you know if Cedar Breaks has trails to go down in the canyons, like they do at Bryce?


  2. This is so beautiful…breathtaking!

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  3. Beautiful images, Michael. A few months ago I drove from Wyoming to Arizona, going through Utah, I saw the fringes of Bryce, I didn’t know about Cedar Breaks, thank you for sharing such great information, I hope to get back to the area someday.

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  4. Beautiful photos. Now I want to go there too!

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  5. You have there some of the most beautiful country in the world!


  6. These landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.


  7. Beautiful! We had plans to visit here last year, but were detoured by the Brian’s Head fire. Thanks for sharing.

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