On The Road To the Grand Canyon

A recent drive to Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim revealed some sights not normally associated with The Grand Canyon. Like wildlife, Aspens and Autumn Colors.




Fall colors have arrived in the Aspen Tree forests at The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Wild Bison graze in a meadow at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona





And of course, the Grand Canyon itself!

17 responses to “On The Road To the Grand Canyon”

  1. Looks like a great drive. I think I’ve asked you before, but can’t remember your answer….have you been to Red Mountain, SE of the Grand Canyon, on the way to Flagstaff? I can imagine you’d get awesome photos there. I used to drive in there before they limited the road and created the parking lot. I spent the night there before they shut down camping there. Very powerful place. I saw UFO’s there, blue glowing footprints next to me as I was walking out and many more supernatural things.


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