Zion National Park’s Observation Point Trail

While Angel’s Landing and The Narrows’ hikes get all the pub and hype, the Observation Point Trail at Zion is a classic.  You not only will receive a great workout, you’ll also capture some dramatic photos. It’s 4 miles up and of course 4 miles down.  An elevation gain of over 2,100 feet will get your heart racing on the way up and put agonizing stress on your quads on the way down.  At Observation Point, your are literally and figuratively looking down on those who climbed Angel’s Landing. There are a few places where you encounter huge exposure but there is plenty of room to negotiate the terrain safely. No safety chains on this trail!  Autumn is the best time of year to conquer Observation Point as the 100 degree temps have left the area and the fall colors dominate the landscape at Zion.  Below are images along the trail. You can purchase prints of these images at http://dawn2dawnphotography.com/   Click on the horizontal photos for a larger view.

Zion's Observation Pt Trail_8576
The view looking back at the beginning of the trail.
Zion Canyon
Looking down Zion Canyon from the trail
Echo Canyon_8585
Entering Echo Canyon with its 1,500 foot high sandstone walls.

Echo Canyon_4845

Echo Canyon Falls_2248
Seasonal waterfalls flow out of Echo Canyon
Echo Canyon_4833
Fall colors have arrived at Echo Canyon
Echo Canyon_7569
Hikers enjoying the scene.
You may encounter Desert Bighorn Sheep along the trail such as these young ewes.
Lone Ponderosa
A Ponderosa Pine seemingly grows from the sandstone walls
Cable Mountain
Cable Mountain appears at the three mile mark.
Observation Point_7548
At Observation Point, you look down on Angel’s Landing on the right and Zion Canyon to the south.
Echo Canyon_4842
And back down through Echo Canyon where by this time, your knees and ankles are stiff and sore.
And one more view of Zion Canyon





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