What’s Snow At Zion National Park

Three inches can dramatically change the look of Zion National Park.


Fresh snow has fallen at Zion National Park, Utah







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  1. Beautiful images, Mike. Snow really is the ‘icing on the cake!’


  2. Stunning captures, absolutely breath-taking!


  3. Stunning! I can almost “hear” the silence of the snowfall.


  4. Lovely. Zion is a beautiful park but I never saw it with snow which makes it even more beautiful. (Suzanne)


  5. Wow! Those photos are stunning. It is strange to see that familiar landscape in a unique way. Do you know how often they get snow there?


  6. Great photographs, fascinating. Thank you, Merry Christmas, Love, nia


  7. Beautiful shots man, I’ve been there a few times but I have never seen it with snow!


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