Rappelling 101

Finally got a chance to learn how to rappell.  My friend Steve took another friend of ours, Wendy and I for a lesson near Zion National Park. It was a lot easier than I expected as Steve was a thorough instructor. Most of these images are of Wendy as I was kinds busy on my turn.


That's Zion NP in the background
That’s Zion NP in the background


No problem for me.



Selfie time!





Steve telling Wendy she made it!

11 responses to “Rappelling 101”

  1. Congratulations!! It’s such a hoot. I would say from my mountain rescue experience that rappelling is where the most fatalities occur in rock climbing. Even the most seasoned climbers fail to tie knots into the ends of their ropes, aren’t attached to the anchor before they begin the rappel, don’t test the anchor before rappelling off, etc. Even though it’s fun it is critical to be vigilant about it at the same time. Welcome to the fun. Looks like you learned in a gorgeous location!!


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