Winter Has Arrived AT The Grand Canyon

Snow, rain and nasty winds were forecasted for the South Rim of The Grand Canyon last Friday. So naturally I had to show up and capture the scene while withstanding the cold, biting winds. Part 1 of 2.


Rain and snow showers race across the Grand Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona















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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous shots, Mike. Christmas card perfect!


  2. Wonderful pics. Nice capture of the partial rainbow.


  3. The Grand Canyon looks even better with snow on it! Thank you!


  4. Great album – sure make me think about paying a visit there in the winter!

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  5. the views are magnificent. I like it a lot when the snow contrasts with the color of the still virgin rock.


  6. So beautiful. You had a great day!

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  7. I’m glad you did because these images are beautiful. I didn’t know it snowed there. So pretty.


  8. Beautiful photos – love the rainbow one! 🙂


  9. Thanks. It is so rare to see winter photos of the Canyon.

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