Grand Canyon Winter- Part 2

More from last week’s trip to the South Rim. These images and more can be purchased as prints or downloadable files at What’s New at Dawn2dawn Photography.  Word Press Bloggers receive a 25% discount by applying code WP2018













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  1. The snow highlights and misty clouds are wonderful. Great series, Mike!


  2. Glorious images, Michael. When I started to scroll, I loved the second and third, yet I hadn’t seen all of them, after that I couldn’t decide which one is my favorite, they are all magic. What I really love abut them , is the combination of drama and the glow.


  3. Michael, you must join 500px. It is a wonderful photography platform. I love it! Joni Durrant

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  4. I have wanted to take a trip to TGC for years now but I’ve always wanted to do it during the winter months! These pics are awesome and so fascinating! Great job!


  5. admire these captures
    of AZ adventure!
    i worked in that
    canyon years ago 🙂

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  6. Super nice series! So moody! I didn’t know it snows in Grand Canyon! I always imagined this area like a hot and dry desert


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