Zion’s Observation Point Trail

It was 100 degrees Saturday and smoke from that nearby forest fire was in the air but my friend Jemmy and I made it to the top in about 2 hours. It’s 4 miles up and strenuous! All of theses images were taken with my new Google Pixel 2 smart phone camera, reputed to be the best camera in a phone. I did not edit any of these.Ā  Very sharp and great color!



Echo Canyon


Zion Canyon



Jemmy (At Bottom) looks rather insignificant under Cable Mountain.




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  1. Wow ! I lived in Park City for 9 yrs and never visited any of Utah’s national parks šŸ˜„ Thank-You for sharing. I like your website šŸ™‚

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  2. Wow, that camera is impressive! And Zion, too, of course. Makes me want to go back!

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  3. Wonderful play of light and shadow. I don’t think I’d want to hike in that heat, but good for you!


  4. Thanks. I’ll be seriously looking at this phone. Great photos of an awesome place.


  5. What a beautiful place! The photo’s came out very well. What happens when you enlarge them? Do they pixelate a lot?


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