Annual Winter Visit To Bryce

I actually got up at 4:45am to make the 2 hour drive to Bryce Canyon National Park in time for sunrise. (Not a morning person).  A fresh blanket of snow was a motivation for me.











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  1. Numbers two and three are great- nice work!


  2. Is your camera attached to a drone or something? Your photos are always magnificent, but I can’t figure out how you manage to get some of them & these are a prime example.


  3. Looks like your early rising was worth it. Beautiful photos!


  4. Spectacular, Mike! Thanks for braving the cold and snow to bring us these beauties!


  5. Hello (from Paris – France)
    I’m just going to your website and see wonderful pictures from a contry fabulous.

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  6. I feel your pain but that sunrise shot is a jewel!

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