My Favorite Images From 2017

Another fun year. Watch slide show in HiDef at Full Screen. It goes pretty fast so click on pause button to stop show. Music by Band of Horses. This Song, “Country Teen” can be purchased at  iTunes


27 responses to “My Favorite Images From 2017”

  1. It’s hard to pick favourites out of this exquisite group of images but I think mine are the starry night images. There’s something ethereal and mystical about those ones. You are such a talent, Michael. I wish you all the best and lots more photographic adventures in 2018. Thanks for sharing beauty with the blogosphere.


    • Thanks Susanne. Glad you liked. I made a concerted effort to do more Milky Way shots this past summer. I learned a few things about our night sky in the process and hope to shoot more in the future. You have a Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to 2018

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  2. Excellent review of your year! I visited the Temples of the Sun & Moon in November and I like your image of them here. Unfortunately we did not have a great angle for the light and with no clouds they got harsh looking very quickly. I need to go back. All my best in 2018!

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  3. Fantastic collection, Michael. What a year! Snow at Bryce, the storms, the narrows…so many favorites. Looking forward to what your lens finds in 2018. Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Birder! I’ve noticed some anomalies within Word Press. Like I used ti be emailed when someone liked my post or commented and I’m set up for that but it doesn’t happen. WP customer service wasn’t helpful. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my browser or operating system which I recently upgraded


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