….. To The Sublime

More natural looking scenes at Zion’s Kolob Terrace.








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  1. Wow! The clouds of the last image is like part of the mountains.

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  2. Dear Michael, I saw it, the Sublime!!
    In Italy it’s said: “See Naples and then die”, but I think that in front of those mountains, in that infinite space I could really die (and I live in Naples) 🙂


  3. Ah, those cloud formations are amazing.

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  4. Those glorious clouds… what great movement and excitement it adds to the landscape. Great series, Michael. 🙂

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  5. These photos, and the ones in the preceding posts over the past few weeks, capture so well the beauty of this area. How I wish I could be back there and be living among such magnificent scenery. I can’t do that, so your post is the next best thing. Thank you so much!


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