Hidden Zion

There’s a place in Zion National Park that few people venture. It is accessed along the Chinle Trail that is not well-known.  Over the years that I’ve hiked the trail, I’ve noticed some clay beds a few hundred yards off the beaten path but didn’t think they presented much of a photo op.  I finally decided to check it out and I’m glad I did!




















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  1. This is great. Nature with colours fascinating. Wonderful photographs, Thank You, love, nia

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  2. I’m glad you did, too! Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it, Mike.

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  3. Beautiful hike and photos.

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  4. Arresting colours and textures.

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  5. wow those colors are truly amazing. The 4th picture from top down, I can see so many faces in that texture, can you see it too?

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  6. Lovely!! Glad you checked it out.

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  7. Amazing color palette. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Love these photographs. The more I see of this place the more I want to go.

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  9. The close-ups of the ground are spectacular!


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