Back In Business

My camera took another hit a few weeks ago due to an accident but now it is better.  You may remember a few years ago that this same camera accidentally fell into a creek high in the Sierras and took some time to heal after Canon said it was totaled. This time I spilled a soft drink on the camera which was sitting on my vehicle’s passenger seat but I quickly dried it off,  but some damage was done. It was a coke(No more cokes) and they contain a lot of syrup which got into some of the dials and switches on the camera.  After a few days, I couldn’t move a few. I gambled with some WD-40 and after a few weeks of drying out, the camera is in fine running order. For my next camera, I will purchase accidental damage insurance which is available.   So I took some photos out in my backyard of Zion National Park which turned out just fine!


Dark clouds pass through Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah


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  1. Glad you got it working again.


  2. Whew, close call with your camera.

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  3. Ow, glad you got it working. Coke is corrosive to metal as well as your stomach – even coffee would be a better choice. 😉


  4. Love the backyard,your really testing that camera. Good to see it back in action.


  5. Ahh…that camera is a survivor. the pictures you made with it are greats

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  6. Your camera has gone through a lot, Michael.. 🙂 Glad it is work now.
    Love your backyard shots!


  7. Phew, thank goodness for that. No more coke for you!

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  8. Zion is on my list for this fall! This post clearly shows me what I will see. Good luck on the camera! Glad to see it’s still working.

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  9. It’s amazing that your camera is working again. Kudos to you!

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  10. Great shots and great camera. Just don’t let it know that it’s more the photographer than the camera. It just may not play dead the next time.


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