Images Of 2016

My favorite images from 2016. I enjoyed the adventure of capturing them all for my website Dawn2Dawn Photography   Looking forward to a great 2017. Happy New Years everyone. Watch in HD at full screen. Music is “Stranger Still” by Vetiver and can be purchased at iTunes


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  1. Your photos are so stunning. What is that object in that one photograph?


  2. An superb and enjoyable tour of your year in photos, Mike. The UFO made me smile. 🙂


  3. Amazing captures! Happy 2017!


  4. What a fantastic selection! I loved all of your choices but have to say the supermoon image at Monument Valley made me gasp!

    Happy New Year to you – looking forward to what you will show us in the next 12 months! 🙂



  5. Simply beautiful photography. Good job on the slide show. Loved it.


  6. Wonderful collection
    You have such a tight and intimate,close connection with these magnificent places

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