What’s Black & White and Snow All Over?

Images from winter at Zion National Park and surrounding area. All were converted to Black and White. Color images will follow soon!


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  1. Makes me think of Ansel Adams’ work … beautiful!


  2. Colour or black and white, you always publish a great set of quality images. It’s a great landscape where you live.


  3. Images 4 & 5 remind me of Ikebana arrangements or Chinese brush painting. Gorgeous!


  4. Truly beautiful, Mike. The contrasts of light and dark provide a lot of drama, I particularly like the cloud shrouds.


  5. B&W adds a certain drama in pictures like yours


  6. I am such a black and white fan and you’ve done a fabulous job with these landscapes, Michael. Bravo! Ansel Adams, yes, but I am also reminded of Michael Kenna’s work in your images of the trees. And, of Japanese wood block prints. Fantastic work.


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