Snow,Snow And More Snow

Although Friday was the first full day of spring, I took a drive to the upper reaches of Zion National Park where most people don’t go. I figured there would be some fresh snow and I wasn’t disappointed.











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  1. Beautiful scenery and photos! Is St. George getting rain these days or warmth?


  2. Are you sure that’s snow? Beautiful as it is, it looks more like some guy’s chronic dandruff.


  3. Wow, look at that! Great captures!


  4. Wow, Mike, these are gorgeous!!


  5. It is so wonderful to see the pure nature in these days.


  6. It never snows where we live so I’m enjoying your stunning photos.


  7. Love the contrast between the red stone and the snow. Great photos!

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  8. Love seeing these natural wonders dusted with snow! What a lovely world we live in! I just hope we can resume traveling soon.


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