Water, Water Everywhere – It Has A Twofold Effect At Zion National Park.

Seasonal rains have produced ephemeral falls along the canyon walls of Zion National Park, Utah.  With these rains along with corona virus concerns, visitation at Zion has been squashed. Although the park hasn’t closed, visitor to employee contact has been reduced to almost zero as a result of management changes. Hopefully, the rest of the country will do the same in these times of uncertainty.











14 responses to “Water, Water Everywhere – It Has A Twofold Effect At Zion National Park.”

  1. Michael, I very much enjoy receiving your updates. A quick question- what/which information source do you recommend for keeping current on Parks open or not during the present health restrictions. I was hoping to do my driving from early May staying either in campsites or lodges along a meander between Vegas and Denver. Many thanks in advance. Dean


    • Thanks Dean. Each individual park is making its own plans. So far, Yosemite and Rocky Mtn have closed. Others will follow soon. Look up each park at nps.gov and then click on Find A Park. Look at website campedium for camping in the area you’re going


  2. You probably already know this but your photos are beautiful … LOL. Glad we have some amazing outdoor places to head to for sanity during these insane times. Hope you stay healthy and sane.


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