The Amazing Wahweap Hoodoos

From Friday’s 10 mile trek up Wahweap Wash in Southern Utah. We explored this carnival of anomalies and timeless products of erosion and produced these images.

It’s part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, a landscape that Trump wants to reduce in size by about 50%.  Environmental groups such as SUWA, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance,     are fighting this madness.  Can’t imagine oil and gas wells populating this land.


The distinctive sandstone rock formations know as the Wahweap Hoodoos stand out in the Southern Utah landscape.


The Temple Of Silence











27 responses to “The Amazing Wahweap Hoodoos”

      • There is an episode #19 from Season 2 called “One False Step”. The team travels to a planet where its inhabitants don’t speak and act very child like. During their visit, they injure some of the unusual plant life. The inhabitants become sick. They finally figure out that the plants & the inhabitants have a symbiotic relationship. The plants normally look like round, white rocks on the ground. When the inhabitants sing to them, they grow tall. This was the only picture I could find:

        Your stone formations reminded me of this episode.

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      • I can see why your photo reminds you of the rock formations I saw. However, I don’t think I had a symbiotic feeling with them. When I touched the rock, it had a soft, bar of soap like feel to them. Maybe organic?


  1. Oh, how I wanted to go here, but the hike was just a tad too much for us. We did visit the Toadstools, Alstrom Point, and enjoyed photographing the mushroom hoodoos at Stud Horse Point. Love this part of the country. The landscape never ceases to amaze and perplex.


  2. Wow! Crazy, gorgeous landscape. I’ve heard of Grand Staircase Escalante but had no idea that it contains these amazing geological treasures. Shameful that this would not be protected.


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