The Amazing Wahweap Hoodoos

From Friday’s 10 mile trek up Wahweap Wash in Southern Utah. We explored this carnival of anomalies and timeless products of erosion and produced these images.

It’s part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, a landscape that Trump wants to reduce in size by about 50%.  Environmental groups such as SUWA, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance,     are fighting this madness.  Can’t imagine oil and gas wells populating this land.


The distinctive sandstone rock formations know as the Wahweap Hoodoos stand out in the Southern Utah landscape.


The Temple Of Silence











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  1. What an amazing landscape! Great photos!


  2. These are amazing! Never heard of them!


  3. Wow!

    Have you ever seen the Stargate SG-1 TV show?


  4. Oh, how I wanted to go here, but the hike was just a tad too much for us. We did visit the Toadstools, Alstrom Point, and enjoyed photographing the mushroom hoodoos at Stud Horse Point. Love this part of the country. The landscape never ceases to amaze and perplex.


  5. Astounding formations. Such an amazing gift of nature!

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  6. That is an amazing nature, I have never heard of this park, well needless to say that your photography is stunning as always. OMG, let’s hope Trump doesn’t get his sticky fingers on this treasure of nature.


  7. Wow, this is beautiful! Extraordinary structures!

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  8. I’d never heard of this park before. Great photos.


  9. You know that you have just put Utah back on my bucket list!!! We didn’t know this existed, or we would have tried to squeeze in a visit while we were there. Gorgeous and a little unreal!


  10. Wow! Crazy, gorgeous landscape. I’ve heard of Grand Staircase Escalante but had no idea that it contains these amazing geological treasures. Shameful that this would not be protected.


  11. Gorgeous pictures of a place I had never heard of before. You have made me want to visit Utah on one of my travels out west. Thanks

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