Fall Colors Arriving Late To Colorado This Year

Due to copious amounts of rain this summer, autumn colors will be arriving later than usual in Colorado. Mostly in October I reckon. When I was there in mid-September, there were small pockets of color but few and far between. I may try a quick trip back in a week or two.

Aspen trees start to show their colors in early autumn in the mountains of Colorado




Aspen trees with not so much color. This was the predominate look throughout Colorado.




Color surrounds a small stand of Aspens in Colorado





The ferns had some color.

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  1. Wonderful landscape images, Michael. Love the white trunks with the pops of color. These are all very creative and beautifully shot.


  2. it is also possible that the leaves of the trees fall almost all at the same moment because of the climate of the planet which changes terribly and that this summer was particularly scorching.

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