Rocky Mountain Moose

I had just entered Rocky Mountain National Park and while setting up at my campsite, these 2 moose decided to come by for a drink of water.


Moose at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado



From my campsite.




Moose at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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  1. great catches. . . so close to your table

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  2. Wow, Micheal great photos and such a treat for you.

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  3. Sweet captures, Mike. It’s nice to see them looking so healthy. Many of the ones here in the Northeast are struggling with tick-borne disease, some to the point of death.


  4. Agree with Eliza! These do look healthy. I saw one up around Fort Collins this summer and he had the tick issue she mentions. Digging all the photos from your trip!


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE these moose photos. We see quite a few by our cabin these days but I can never get enough of them. These photos capture them in a beautiful setting 🙂


  6. How cool! I didn’t get to see any young moose but a lot of the adult bulls.

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