Zion Night Sky and Sunrise Time Lapse Video

Watch the stars move through the night sky and the sun rising at Zion National Park, Utah. Lots of UFOs traveling through the sky also.   Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


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  1. Great video. Darn..didn’t see any UFO’s but the rest was beautiful!


  2. The link didn’t work – says ‘Video unavailable.’


  3. I got the video to work through visiting your site directly, not through the WP reader. The sunrise lighting the clouds was wonderful!

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  4. Awesome video with great music.

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  5. May I share/re-blog this with full credit?


  6. Hey there, good to see your posts again. I am so busy with photography and 500px I an not writing as much. Trying to though. All good here. We are up in Morro Bay! Love it here. Hope all is well with you and visitors to Zion are respectful and considerate.


  7. excellent timelapse!
    i’ve enjoyed zion
    but that was extra
    special 🙂


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