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Monsoon Time Lapse

Taken at Marble Canyon Arizona



Monsoon Storm Time Lapse

Shot along Grand Canyon’s North Rim in Arizona. Watch at Full Screen in HiDef. Music by Ratatat


Time Lapse Video – Clouds Moving Through Kaibab NF

Short video of clouds moving from Kaibab National Forest to Marble Canyon, Arizona.  Music by LCD Soundsystem.  Watch in Hi Def at Full  Screen


Time Lapse Video Of California Coast

Watch in HiDef at Full Screen, Music by Beth Orton

Another Glorious Time Lapse Video at Zion

Shot Saturday from Gooseberry Mesa. That road up to it is as rough as ever but the views are endless. The song is Black Roses by Escondido and can be purchased at iTunes.  Watch Video in HiDef at Full Screen! It’s less than a minute long.

Time Lapse Video Of Sunset/Moonrise Over Lake Powell

Shot Today, Wednesday.    Watch at Full Screen at Hi Def. Music from Beck’s latest and greatest which can be purchased at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/morning-phase/id797897966        Still Photos Coming Soon!

Time Lapse Video- The Narrows at Zion National Park, Utah

Taken a few days ago.  Still photos to follow soon.  Watch in HD in Full Screen.

Grand Teton- Time Lapse Video

Storm clouds float past The Grand Teton at Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  Music by Escondido(Black Roses) which can be purchased at I Tunes

Teton Reflecting Pond- Time Lapse Video

Raindrops, Ripples, Reflecting Pond, Rainbow Trout, Rock Throwing, Revolving Clouds, all in the foreground to the magnificent Tetons at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  WATCH IN HiDef AT FULL SCREEN.  Music by Tame Impala. (Apocalypse Dreams) You can get their latest album, Lonerism, at Itunes

Time Lapse Video-Lazy summer day at Cable Mountain Lodge at Zion National Park

Watch In HD at Full Screen-