Tall Tales From The Field

Time Lapse

Monsoon Time Lapse

Taken at Marble Canyon Arizona



Time Lapse Of The Milky Way

As you can see in this video, the Milky Way moves during the night along with other unidentified flying objects. Shot near The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


Time Lapse Video- Mountain Biking

Along the Arizona Trail in the Kaibab National Forest. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


Time Lapse Video- As The Sun Sets

Light from a late afternoon and setting sun is observed along Marble Canyon, Arizona. Watch in HiDef in Full Screen


Monsoon Storm Time Lapse

Shot along Grand Canyon’s North Rim in Arizona. Watch at Full Screen in HiDef. Music by Ratatat


Time Lapse Video- Marble Canyon Rainbow

Recently shot time lapse video of monsoon storms over Arizona’s Marble Canyon including a rainbow.  Still shots of rainbow can be viewed at previous post One Amazing Little Rainbow

Watch video at Full Screen at HiDef. Music by Underworld.



Time Lapse Video- Perseid Meteor Shower or A Bunch of Airplanes

I shot a time lapse video Friday night of what I was hoping might be a bunch  of meteors flying thru the sky. Results showed mostly aircraft. I believe the orange/red streaks were the planes and white/blue were a few meteors.The meteors do zip thru the night sky in a second or two so may be harder to capture. I wasn’t watching the sky during recording so I wasn’t sure. Shot at Zion National Park. Watch in Full Screen at Hi Def.  The photo below the video was the first frame and is probably a meteor. I was doing 20 second exposures.


Perseid Meteor_8194




Watch Rain Shower Appear and Disappear

Monsoonal moisture over the Grand Canyon produced much needed rain this week but watch as a cloud produces a rain shower and watch as that rain disappears.. Hot dry air from the depths of the Grand Canyon is probably responsible for the dissolution of the rain. I thought for sure I was going to be rained on. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.



Time Lapse Video – Clouds Moving Through Kaibab NF

Short video of clouds moving from Kaibab National Forest to Marble Canyon, Arizona.  Music by LCD Soundsystem.  Watch in Hi Def at Full  Screen



Over Toroweap

A short time lapse video of the scene at Toroweap at The Grand Canyon, Arizona. Watch at Full Screen at HiDef. Music by Martin Courtney.