Autumn Visits Zion’s Kolob Terrace Area

Kolob Terrace is an area in and around Zion National Park but at a higher elevation than the popular part of the park. It’s a great escape from the maddening crowds and shuttle buses of  Zion Canyon. And Autumn arrives early and with a bang! This is the first post of three…….










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  1. The white aspen trunks really stand out in that sea of color – gorgeous!


  2. Awesome fall colors! Kolob is an area that we had to miss because of car troubles, but I promise myself I’ll be back some day. You have convinced me that should be in the fall season.


  3. The way that you were able to capture the stunning colors of fall is awesome!

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  4. This is beautiful in the Fall! My wife and I were hiking in this area in July 2017 –

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