Peruvian Jungle Madness

Our trip to Peru included a steamy, exhilarating push into the Amazonian Jungle. A two hour boat ride  took us down the Tambopata River where there were no roads and few people.

We flew into Puerto Maldonado to begin the jungle excursion. This was the second jet plane needed to make it there since the first one experienced engine trouble and we turned back to Cuzco. I knew something was amiss when the pilot came on the intercom and asked us to ” remain calm!”  It was a hard landing in Cuzco but we all remained calm….


Moto Taxis in Puerto Maldonado. No emergency landings needed.


This boat looked safe……



Local kids


Apocalypse Now?


Cute Cayman


Our jungle lodge


Sheets were used to keep the giant insects from devouring us through the night.


The house Monkey, Pepe. Pepe was like your pet dog or cat and would jump into your lap while relaxing in a hammock


El Gato Falls


Searching for the Lost City of Z. Didn’t find it either.


Forbidden Fruit


Love was in the air…


Our guide took us on a nighttime boat ride, spotting for Cayman.


He also showed us a walking tree. It moves a few inches during the day in order to find sunlight through the thick canopy overhead.


This tarantula was definitely moving.


Thick vegetation, thankfully we had a guide.



14 responses to “Peruvian Jungle Madness”

  1. Cool pics, Mike. Oh, the memories this post brings up. The palmetto bugs at night (no netting) and clearing a path to the latrine with a flashlight, and rats running on the overhead beams – lol! I’m so glad I trekked when I was young and could handle it. Now…I’m not so sure!

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