Survey Asks!

What is the best National Park in the United States? Also leave comment as to why. If your park is not listed, vote OTHER and name park in comments.


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  1. The only ones I’ve been to are on Maui and Oahu and they were all stunningly beautiful.

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  2. Sadly, I’ve only been to one on your list and that was Sequoia, which was magnificent!


  3. I’ve been to all except Glacier and Olympic. I really can’t choose because they are all so awesome!

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  4. Haven’t seen them all yet, but pretty certain it’s impossible to pick just one – they are all magnificent.

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  5. That is a long list, Michael. 🙂


  6. I love them all for different reasons and couldn’t imagine selecting a favorite. Sorry Michael, but your gorgeous photographs make it impossible to pick just one!


  7. Oh boy….all of them are spectacular and I have had some amazing adventures in every place. The Grand Canyon is taking the #1 spot right now….Zion and Glacier are up there too. The scenery and various types of adventure and animal sightings you can experience make these extra special 🙂


  8. I was looking for the “I can’t decide they’re all awesome” button 😉


  9. I’ve never met a National Park I didn’t like! But I must say that Bryce Canyon took my breath away. Maybe it was the time of year we were there, or the fog, or the sunset. Whatever it was, it was truly a remarkable sight to see.


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