Monsoons On Marble Canyon

Monsoon season has begun with full force at Marble Canyon which is in Grand Canyon National Park and precedes The Grand Canyon. These images were shot from above in the Kaibab National Forest, Arizona at a cool elevation of about 9,000 feet.







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  1. Fantastic and dramatic skies, great photos, Michael. I am not familiar with the monsoons of the US west. Can you clarify, is that rain that is falling where there is a sheet of grayness between the clouds and land, say, in the first photo?


  2. Great work- I really like the last three.


  3. I love monsoon season in the SW.

    Beautiful photos.


  4. Excellent shots of one my favorite areas, at one of my favorite times of the year.


  5. The beauty of that place is heightened by the storm!


  6. The black and white one is captivating!


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