Time Lapse Video- Perseid Meteor Shower or A Bunch of Airplanes

I shot a time lapse video Friday night of what I was hoping might be a bunch  of meteors flying thru the sky. Results showed mostly aircraft. I believe the orange/red streaks were the planes and white/blue were a few meteors.The meteors do zip thru the night sky in a second or two so may be harder to capture. I wasn’t watching the sky during recording so I wasn’t sure. Shot at Zion National Park. Watch in Full Screen at Hi Def.  The photo below the video was the first frame and is probably a meteor. I was doing 20 second exposures.


Perseid Meteor_8194




10 responses to “Time Lapse Video- Perseid Meteor Shower or A Bunch of Airplanes”

  1. I could not figure out how to reblog this onto purrseidon.wordpress.com, so Mr. M wrote a short blog with your still jpg & embedded a link to this blog … if you do not approve, I will be happy to delete it.


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