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Milky Way For September

Milky Way shots captured near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, including one with nearby lightning.

The Milky Way appears during a thunderstorm at The Grand Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over Lees Ferry, Arizona


Time Lapse Of The Milky Way

As you can see in this video, the Milky Way moves during the night along with other unidentified flying objects. Shot near The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


Zion Canyon Night Sky

Not only is the Milky Way apparent in the sky, but so are the Sacred Datura Flowers that bloom through the night. Shot on different nights in Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah




More Milky Way Shots

From Zion National Park area


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over The Watchman at Zion National Park, Utah


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over Eagle Crags adjacent to Zion National Park, Utah

Another Zion Milky Way Shot

The Milky Way appears over Zion National Park on a moonless night.

The Milky Way appears along with the a plane trail over Zion National Park, Utah

Time Lapse Video- Perseid Meteor Shower or A Bunch of Airplanes

I shot a time lapse video Friday night of what I was hoping might be a bunch  of meteors flying thru the sky. Results showed mostly aircraft. I believe the orange/red streaks were the planes and white/blue were a few meteors.The meteors do zip thru the night sky in a second or two so may be harder to capture. I wasn’t watching the sky during recording so I wasn’t sure. Shot at Zion National Park. Watch in Full Screen at Hi Def.  The photo below the video was the first frame and is probably a meteor. I was doing 20 second exposures.


Perseid Meteor_8194




Zion Night Sky

Two images  shot this week of the spectacular night sky at Zion National Park, Utah.  Both were 30 second exposures at F4.0 and ISO at 1600.

Zion Night Sky

The Three Marys



Zion Night Sky

Towers Of The Virgin With Moon Rising In Background