Spring Photography Workshops- Here In The Desert Southwest

I will be conducting personal 1 on 1 photo workshops here in the Desert Southwest. I will bring you to those “hard to get to”places  that you may have seen in my photos at Dawn2Dawn Photography

Contact me for details or thoughts on a personalized photo expedition.  I will not only teach you new photography techniques, but as a former interpretive guide, you will learn about the areas we explore.

I will also be conducting a multi-day group workshop at Zion National Park the first week of November when fall colors are at peak. Stay tuned for details.

Arizona Landscape

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  1. And that is exactly why I am thinking about posting my pictures and feeling unsure about it… I look at yours and I am blown away. Stunning…


  2. When i know what dates i will be in St. George I’m going to contact you for a 1 on 1. I plan to buy only a good point and shoot camera, as I’m just a novice and don’t have the energy to put into a more complicated camera but I’m sure your help will still make a dent in my photography. Plus, I will want to just get out and hike 🙂


    • Sounds good katelon. Taking good photos isn’t so much about equipment but your vision and capturing the right light at the right place

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      • Thanks Michael. I’ve been just using my phone camera. I just got a smart phone for the first time and am very frustrated as the photos i edit and save end up turned sideways when I attempt to upload them to wordpress or FB. I’m going to go to a local camera store and spend time with a good salesperson when i get to picking out a good point and shoot camera.


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