Painting With Your Camera

You don’t have to be Monet to achieve an impressionistic look to your photos. Just some imagination  and skill with your camera. The following pics shot yesterday are of aspen trees during fall foliage. To achieve this effect, prop your camera on your tripod and set a relatively low shutter speed but that depends on the lighting conditions. It was pretty light when I took these so my F stop was at 18, my ISO at 100, and speed at 1/25 of a second. Later on when it got darker, my shutter speed was 1/4 of a second.  The longer the exposure, the more creative you can get with this. I also had a polarizing filter on my lens. When the shutter releases, have your camera moving slightly up or down or parallel with the dominant lines of your subject. You have to experiment and use your LCD to get some feedback in order to make necessary adjustments.  You want to shoot in manual when doing trying this. The “normal” photos from this shoot will follow in a day or two.

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn


Utah Fall

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn

Utah Fall_2797



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