Breakfast Can Be Delicious And Healthy

Here’s some breakfast dishes I’ve recently made.

Begian waffles.

A bowl of granola with almond milk, fresh blueberries and a bit of honey.

Mushroom and cheese omelette with a splash of salsa.

Frittata In a cast iron skillet.

Blueberry granola on plain yogurt.

Fresh fruit alone!

Classic breakfast.

Almond butter, banana, dark chocolate, rolled oats muffin.

Smoothie with your choice of fresh fruits.

13 responses to “Breakfast Can Be Delicious And Healthy”

  1. Great photos. When I had a home and my decades old waffle iron I used to love to make thick waffles with oats, nuts, whole wheat flour, fruit on top. I tried cornmeal waffles with green chili and cheese sauce, and even tried rye waffles 🙂 I loved making a big batch and then I could just toast them for breakfast. I love making quiches, too. For now, I’m cooking in a toaster oven and have limited storage for supplies so I have to keep it simple. It’s great you are enjoying cooking.

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      • I understand. Have you ever tried chia seed pudding? Chis seed is high in protein. I dislike oatmeal and tapioca so thought I wouldn’t like it but do. You just take about 2 cups of any dairy or non dairy milk, add 5 or 6 TBL of chia, stir and refrigerate. Next day you have pudding. You can add sweetener, fruit, whatever. I have a pumpkin chia pudding recipe on my blog. It can be breakfast or desert layer with coconut milk cream whipped.


  2. Great photos. I just bought one of those “Bullet”-type blenders and put it in my classroom. Every day (of the last two that I’ve had it – haha) I bring the cup filled with smoothie ingredients (frozen fruit keeps it all cold) and then just blend it and have a smoothie for lunch. I’m loving it!

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