Breakfast Can Be Delicious And Healthy

Here’s some breakfast dishes I’ve recently made.

Begian waffles.

A bowl of granola with almond milk, fresh blueberries and a bit of honey.

Mushroom and cheese omelette with a splash of salsa.

Frittata In a cast iron skillet.

Blueberry granola on plain yogurt.

Fresh fruit alone!

Classic breakfast.

Almond butter, banana, dark chocolate, rolled oats muffin.

Smoothie with your choice of fresh fruits.
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  1. Such delicious photos! 😋❤️


  2. Great photos. When I had a home and my decades old waffle iron I used to love to make thick waffles with oats, nuts, whole wheat flour, fruit on top. I tried cornmeal waffles with green chili and cheese sauce, and even tried rye waffles 🙂 I loved making a big batch and then I could just toast them for breakfast. I love making quiches, too. For now, I’m cooking in a toaster oven and have limited storage for supplies so I have to keep it simple. It’s great you are enjoying cooking.

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  3. Great photos. I just bought one of those “Bullet”-type blenders and put it in my classroom. Every day (of the last two that I’ve had it – haha) I bring the cup filled with smoothie ingredients (frozen fruit keeps it all cold) and then just blend it and have a smoothie for lunch. I’m loving it!

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  4. Okay Michael I’m coming over for breakfast, your images are delicious

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  5. Beautiful photographs, very attractive with these photos even if there are foods that i don’t like! Thank you, Love, nia

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