Snowy Zion Christmas

At least in the upper elevations in and around Zion National Park.

Snow falls on a rural road at Cave Valley near Zion National Park, Utah






At Lower Elevations

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  1. Such beautiful, breathtaking photographs! I love how in each of your photographs, not only do you capture the beauty around you, but you also manage to get the falling snow. It gives them a sense of peacefulness.


  2. Gorgeous, Michael! Wishing you a fabulous new year!


  3. Beautiful, Michael, I love the light in the last landscape.


  4. Lovely series with great light and the ‘Entering Zion National Park’ with its little bit of colour is the perfect winter scene.

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  5. How beautiful! Season’s greetings from Australia where it is sunny and warm – no snow here!

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  6. Beautiful work. I particularly like the third image with the golden grasses standing out in the stark snow covered scene.


  7. these landscapes are a real splendor
    ps; the “Yeti” on the road looks nice


  8. I love winter photos and these are fantastic!


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