Yant Flat

This geologic anomaly is anything but flat. Located near St. George, Utah, at the base of the Pine Valley Mountains, this landscape is a gnarly, twisted abstract in nature. Along with some friends, I visited this spot for the first time even though I’ve lived near Yant Flat for the last 10 years.









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  1. Another amazing place that I have never heard of. Thank you for sharing these marvelous photos!

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  2. So beautiful…thanks for sharing!


  3. What an interesting, amazing landscape! Great photos!


  4. Amazing formations, Michael, and your photos are terrific. Love that you have some humans in the landscapes for perspective. Gorgeous!


  5. Absolutely beautiful landscape, and you’ve captured it so well.


  6. Your near the area called the Yellow Knolls. I found a dinosaur bone there. I’ve only taken family There.

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  7. Fabulous landscape. I wonder if someone with a sense of humour gave the place its name.

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