Another Trek Up My Favorite Hike Anywhere!

I used my Google Pixel 2 Phone to get these images and none were altered in any way! Amazing Camera Phone. This is The Narrows at Zion National Park, Utah.



My friend Hannah on her first expedition up the Narrows

My 12th trip up The Narrows



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  1. The outcome is impressive! Amazing what the camera phones can do. Adding people to the photos gives us the right scale, I’d love to go for a hike there.


  2. Great photographs, and standing so impressive, fascinated me. Thank you, Love, nia


  3. Terrific photos! How far is The Narrows’s stretch? Looks like quite a hike.


  4. Having people in these photos really gives me an idea of how majestic this landscape is. The colours are amazing.

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  5. Incredible beauty. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow, great photos. Looks like a great hike. How long is the hike? Are you in water the whole time?


  7. So cool! Great photos. We didn’t do this on our last trip to Zion (hubby thought it was too cold in November). Next time for sure!

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