What Is A Hoodoo?



noun: hoodoo
  1. voodoo; witchcraft.
    • a run of bad luck associated with a person or activity.
      plural noun: hoodoos
      “when is this hoodoo going to end?”
    • a person or thing that brings or causes bad luck.
  2. North American
    a column or pinnacle of weathered rock.
    “a towering sandstone hoodoo”


verb: hoodoo; 3rd person present: hoodoos; past tense: hoodooed; past participle: hoodooed; gerund or present participle: hoodooing

  1. bewitch.

    “she’s hoodooed you”

I’m going to go with the #2 noun definition. After all, that’s what I saw early Saturday morning at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The hoodoos are the predominate sandstone feature at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah







14 responses to “What Is A Hoodoo?”

  1. Never heard of a hoodoo, but I have seen them. It feels like I am looking at a city, tall castles built of sand. Stunning pics 🙂


  2. Bryce Canyon is a very unique place. I have very fond memories of our visit to this magical place in 2009. The light in Bryce makes magic. We were there in October which allowed us to it with snow which was also very special. Nice pics. (Suzanne)


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