The Incredible Eureka Dunes

One of my favorite places on  Planet Earth, Eureka Dunes is in a very remote part of Death Valley National Park.  The dunes reach some 700 feet into the California sky and stretch for about 2 miles on the ground.  I come here at least once a year and visited a spot I hadn’t been to. On this visit, no Navy Jets buzzed me but that may have had something to do with the brief government shutdown.

This is the first of two posts.












19 responses to “The Incredible Eureka Dunes”

  1. I’m glad you put a human in one of the images. It helps understand the vastness and puts the dunes in perspective. An eerie and desolate place. Stark and beautiful.


  2. Surreal, like something from another planet! Great photos! I’ve lived almost two years in my RV in the Nevada desert, it was a life changer.


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