The Sierras Are Practically Snowless

I took a turn out of Northern Death Valley NP and went into California’s Owens Valley. Not surprisingly, the Sierras had little snow. The first image is from last winters snow level in Owens Valley and the last three are from this years winter. Quite a difference.


The snow level came down all the way to the Owens Valley floor last winter.

From last week

Even Mt. Whitney, the tallest in the Lower 48, was practically snowless.


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  1. Doesn’t bode well for the summer ahead.


  2. 😦 Once again there’s been so much less snow and rain than I remember.


  3. Probably because of a natural cycle. Lovely photo’s!

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  4. Last winter made us think we were through with the drought. This seems like the worst year yet.

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  5. I wonder…should we be alarmed?


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