I Recently Dined At USA’s Best Restaurant!

Copper Top BBQ is the  best restaurant in the USA as voted by Yelp in 2015. It’s not the best I’ve ever been to but the food is pretty good. It’s a walk-up joint with five picnic tables and a few bales of hay to sit on.  Copper Top is  located in Big Pine, California and I passed it as I was exiting Death Valley National Park last week.  It has great views of the Sierras but I had to eat in my car in the back lot. I had the Tri-Tip Sandwich($10). Very delicious and layered with about 3 inches of meat. The tri-tip wasn’t quite as tender as I would expect for the best. I’d give it an 8 out of 10.  Spago’s is the best eatery I’ve been to.

What’s the best restaurant you’ve dined at?

Copper Top_7776


Copper Top_7777


Copper Top_7778


_Copper Top_7775


The secret charcoal is now revealed!

The secret charcoal is now revealed!


Copper Top_7784


Copper Top_7782

The signage was curious

Copper Top_7783

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  1. I often wonder about these ‘voted best’ claims. ‘By whom?’ I always want to ask. 🙂 That last sign is very entertaining.


  2. Gun jokes. Hmmm. Not sure I would have stopped although that view of the Sierras is spectacular.

    I can remember the worst restaurants and meals but oddly not the best. I had “duck confit” for the first time in my life the other night and it was delicious. The best sandwich I’ve ever eaten was at a little hole in the wall deli in the west end of our city called “Frank’s”. Every sandwich is $5.50 and every one is huge and drippy and like a choir on the taste-buds.


  3. Ahhh, the joys of very small sample sizes! They were a very new operation in 2015, and for a time had only 5-star Yelp reviews. The Copper Top is good enough, makes a perfectly satisfactory lunch, though FWIW I’d say the BBQ place up the road in Bishop is a bit better.


  4. The bbq food look gorgeous


  5. LA BBQ in Austin is really good. The brisket is sooo tender, Sandwich is great. But, the normal waiting is like 2 hrs.


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