The Road To Point Sublime

Point Sublime is at the end of an 18-mile one-way(I say one-way because you may not make it back), never easy, rugged road along the North Rim of  Grand Canyon National Park.  Few venture out to this spectacular viewpoint of the Grand Canyon but the effort is worth the rewards. I was a bit worried taking on this road because it had rained a lot recently which could present issues. I’ve been stuck before! Recently! Of course I started in Utah and passed through Zion National Park on my way to the Kaibab Plateau.

Zion Road_0929

Passing through the spectacular Zion National Park


Storm clouds appear in the sagebrush country of Northern Arizona

Driving through the stormy sagebrush country of Northern Arizona


Highway 67 winds its way through open meadows and The Kaibab National Forest on its way to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The highway through the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park features open meadows and thick forests


Aspen trees are showing their fall colors at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Aspens were starting to show their fall colors


Wildflower blooming at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This aster was still blooming in mid-september


GC Pt Sublime Road_0814

Grand Canyon National Park is more than just a canyon. It has beautiful forests along the rim.


GC Pt Sublime Deer_0820

Caught this deer through my windshield


GC Pt Sublime Road_7094

Had to ford about 25 giant puddles.


GC Pt Sublime Road_0670

Downed trees also presented a problem.


A panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from Point Sublime

The drive was worth it. This is only part of the 300 degree view of The Grand Canyon you get at Point Sublime. More photos to follow of the stormy Point Sublime

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  1. Wow this is incredible. All of it! Great capture of the deer mid bound. The view of the canyon is amazing. I hope I remember Point Sublime when I finally get to the GC.


  2. Another set of spectacular shots! Thank you for taking us along, Michael!


  3. Incredible photography! I miss living near the Grand Canyon


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