Flora at Zion NP

Spring has sprung in Zion as it was 78F today. The cactus here usually flower starting in May. Here’s some images of other vegetation prominent in the park. Look for future posts detailing the many species of flora here in the park.  There are more than 900 varieties of plants here mainly due to its vast elevation changes.

Prickly Pear Cactus-Zion NP
Prickly Pear Cactus just prior to it sprouting its prickly spines where you see the dots.



Zion Sagebrush
Sagebrush and rabbitbrush



Zion Pinyon Pine
Pinyon Pine which will produce edible nuts.



Zion Sagebrush


Zion Kolob Flora
Yucca plants in the foreground and Manzanita at middle right



Zion Pinyon Pine
Pinyon growing out of the sandstone.



Zion Dead Manzanita
Dead Manzanita whose bark is usually red


9 responses to “Flora at Zion NP”

    • It’s quite a mix. The cacti should be blooming in May and the alpine wildflowers in June/July. Desert paintbrush are already blooming. When it gets hot here in the lower elevations(100 degrees F every day) I head to the cooler alpine locations.

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  1. So beautiful, every photo is like a postcard. I love the purple colors on the prickly pear. The gray branches on the manzanita and that tenacious single pinyon pine, and I love the balance of the shot with the yucca. All so very gorgeous to behold. I love your work and just recommended it to a friend in Australia as the best in the West! 😉


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