A Rainy/Snowy Day At Zion National Park

It mostly rained here the last 3 days and this desert environment can sure use it. When it rains in Zion Canyon, a cool thing happens. Like rainbows appearing out of nowhere, we are treated to instant waterfalls. A lot of visitors here ask me during the dry season, ” Where are the waterfalls that I’ve seen photos of?”  Sorry Ma’am, but you have to be here when it rains.  Like today!  All the usual suspects were producing falls.  The snow was in the higher elevations and those images will follow soon.

Zion Waterfall

Zion Waterfall

Zion Canyon Waterfall_1733

Zion Waterfall

Zion Canyon Waterfall_1725

Zion Waterfall

Zion Canyon Waterfall_1751

Zion Canyon Waterfall_1762

Zion Kolob Waterfall_1823


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