California’s Owens Valley

California’s Owens Valley is home to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the west and The White Mountains to the east. Some of the tallest peaks in the country are here.  Two weeks ago, a winter storm was blasting through the area and as happens frequently, was unable to move further east to Owens Valley or Death Valley. That’s why these 2 valleys are so dry, especially Death Valley. Located near Lone Pine is the Alabama Hills Recreation Area which is a haven for rock climbers because of the steep and vertical rock formations.  The movies Gladiator and Iron Man were partly filmed there along with dozens of others.

Owens Valley Sierras
Fresh Snow On The Sierras



Owens Valley Lone Pine Peak
Majestic Lone Pine Peak at 12,944 feet



Owens Valley Alabama Hills
The Alabama Hills are at the foot of the Sierras near Lone Pine



Owens Valley Mount Whitney
The Whitney Range. Mount Whitney is in the center right but was obscured by clouds ALL Day! It rises to 14,505 feet, the highest point in the lower 48.


Owens Valley Sierras


Owens Valley Alabama Hills


Owens Valley Alabama Hills
Climbers negotiate the steep rock formations at Alabama Hills.



Owens Valley Alabama Hills
See the one in green?



Owens Valley Alabama Hills
Another look at Lone Pine Peak.



Owens Valley Alabama Hills


Owens Valley Rainbow
A rainbow presents itself over the Owens Valley



Owens Valley Alabama Hills


Owens Valley Sierras
Highway to the heavens………



Owens Valley
The fog rises before The White Mountains



Owens Valley Alabama Hills


Owens Valley Storm Clouds





11 responses to “California’s Owens Valley”

  1. Utterly jaw-dropping images here… even more so because we just got home from a trip where we camped at the Lone Pine campground. One of the best spots on our journey. The Owens Valley and the Alabama Hills are truly awesome (in every sense of that overused word!) So glad you stopped by and caught my attention!


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